Don’t Lose Your Right to Vote! Use a Proxy

As the Condado de Alhama 2017 AGM (Annual General Meeting) approcahes it is important to consider ahead of time how you will place your vote. If you are able to attend the meeting, which is being held at the CIDE Building at the Alhama Industrial Estate, then you should vote in person on the day. However, those unable to attend should issue a proxy vote.

Issuing a proxy vote means that someone you trust who is attending the AGM will vote on your behalf.

CIDE Building at the Parque Industrial de Alhama
CIDE Building at the Parque Industrial de Alhama


Firstly, you will be sent an email from the site Administrators Mileniun Levante giving full details about the agenda for the AGM including anything you are expected to vote on. Check your emails regularly as this information pack will be sent only a week or so before your specific AGM.

To remind you, the dates issued for the AGM’s so far are as follows;

  • Naranjos 1 and 2 – Saturday 21st January 2017
  • La Isla – Friday 27th January 2017
  • Jardine 1 and 2 – Saturday 28th January 2017

Within your information pack will be a Proxy form. This year it is on page 17 of the 320 page AGM Information Pack, or you can use the blank form below.


Proxy votes must be received 24 hours prior to the AGM (sorry to Naranjos owners for the late posting of this information). Remember to complete all the blank spaces with your current information and tick all the options presented to you.

One important question you will have to vote on is who you want for your garden president. Anyone who is standing should be listed in the AGM Information Pack. If your garden has no-one standing for President then it is likely that Mileniun will select an owner of their choosing – this could be a an empty bank owned property, so it is very important that someone stands to represent your individual community.

Another question you will be asked if whether you want Mileniun Levante to continue as Administrators of the resort. This is an entirely personal choice obviously based on how you perceive their performance in managing the resort and communicating with owners.

Lastly, you will be asked to vote on specific items raised by the community. This year includes painting the Pergolas, installation of ventilation and options for having a medical center on site.

If you do not agree with the options available you may make a note of your own preference by writing on the proxy form. Doing so does NOT spoil the paper.

Amendment Made: The proxy form is not a voting slip and therefore alterations to it will not ‘spoil the paper’ as first indicated in this article. Therefore you may express your own preference to all options given. Mileniun have confirmed this to owners who have asked.¬†Apologies for this misinformation when the article was first published.

If you disagree you would be better advised to not select any options given and send a written notice of objection to Mileniun Levante and the Level 1 Presedent within 30 days of the AGM.

As an owner you are entitled to have items raised at the AGM, please pass your questions or suggestions to your current garden president.

Where a property is owned by multiple people only one vote is allowed.


To complete the process, take a copy of your passport (a phone camera can be used to take a snap) and include that with your completed Proxy form. This will be used to validate that you are an owner of the property you say you are and will help avoid your form not being counted.

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