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Traditional Fish & Chips at Diversity Golf Club

A few days ago I decided to stop by the golf club since it has recently changed management and has now become the Diversity Golf Club.

I’m not a golfer so hadn’t really spent much time at this venue previously so this post is not about comparing how it was to how it is now, instead this is an honest account of my visit now under its new management.

Golf Club at Condado de Alhama
Golf Club at Condado de Alhama

First of all there doesn’t appear to have been any change in furnishings or decor from my previous visits. Outside there is plenty of seating on the large outside terrace furnished with a fairly standard dining tables and plastic chairs you would find at many cafes.

The venue is not very spacious downstairs where the bar is located but there are a few more tables and seating plus you can also access the Golf Shop from here.

Upstairs is a mezzanine area with more seating available for inside dining, catering for about 20 people. Balloons were strewn across the floor from a recent party here for the owner judging by the announcement on the board outside and other birthday paraphernalia – Happy Belated Birthday!

Also upstairs a large roof terrace provides plenty more outside space for eating and relaxing while overlooking the stunning Alhama Signature golf course. The majority of seating at the Diversity Golf Club is outside so it’s good that the sun is usually shining on Condado, otherwise this venue offers limited inside seating.

We headed to the bar and ordered drinks and a menu, we were greeted by a friendly female bar tender who served our drinks straight away. We ordered our food here too we had heard that fish & chips was on the menu and having confirmed that it was we chose the Beer Battered Fish & Chips, with mushy peas and sliced bread for 8.95 euros.

Our order was placed and we said we would sit upstairs. I have no idea whether table service is the norm at this venue or whether everyone just orders at the bar.

Our meals took about fifteen or so minutes to arrive. It wasn’t busy and the wait was quite reasonable as we were relaxing and taking in the views over the golf course. However, in that time we both finished our drinks and our meals were served while I was back at the bar ordering another, so by the time I was seated back at the table my meal was at the table cooling off.

We didn’t see any staff upstairs while seated so unfortunately it seems to be unavoidable that you will have to make return trips downstairs to buy or at least order more drinks from the ground floor bar.

It Didn't Look Like this.
Our meals didn’t look Like this….

The fish & chips were well presented. It’s not a huge portion but you get two pieces of battered fish, a pile of big cut home cooked chips, a pot of mushy peas and tartar sauce and two slices of white buttered bread. Not bad for 8.95 euros!

Although well presented the fish & chips on both our meals looked just a little over done, nothing too major but the batter and many chips were darker than I might have expected.

Unfortunately I did not have a camera to hand to take photos so the images used in this post are for representation only.

Anyway, we tucked in and my first forkful was a little battered fish, half a chip and some tartar sauce – I don’t like mushy peas much so after a quick taste (tasted fine as peas go!) I passed them over to my companion to enjoy.

I couldn’t tell what the fish was but it tasted good and was perfectly adequate, the fish was large flaky chunks and with a dab of tartar on the side and it was a good start! The fish itself was quite moist leading us to believe it may have been frozen fish and not fresh but can’t be sure of that as we didn’t ask.

I’d started with the smaller sized of the two fish pieces and was generally enjoying the food but by the time I started to eat the second larger piece I started to get an after taste which although not outright unpleasant it did lessen the enjoyability of the food for me.

Darker than this - representation only!
Not actual food served – representative only.

My companion did not notice the same thing while eating her fish although she had added vinegar but when I tasted hers to compare I could still taste the same. As I said earlier maybe it was a little overdone and this affected the taste or maybe it was the way the beer batter is produced, I’m not sure.

To accompany the meal was a bottle of Sarsons Vinegar so if you are a fan of good old British brands you will enjoy this, although all other condiments were Spanish brands.

In all it was an OK meal let down by being slightly overdone and a resulting after taste for me although my companion had no such complaints.

I probably wouldn’t rush back to order the fish & chips from Diversity Golf Club but haven’t been put off trying it again if I returned and really fancied it, but there are other things on the menu that I would probably try instead.

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