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Successful Auction Raises Over 1,323 Euros for Condado Cats & Kittens

Condado Cats and Kittens T.N.R

A message from Caroline Jones;

The auction for Condado Cats & Kittens has raised a fantastic amount of 1.323.50 euros!!! The most we have ever raised on one auction!!

I have a couple of special thank you’s firstly to Andy Young from Condado Invest who donated so many new items for me to sell which has made this auction so successful. The highest item which was donated by Val Rouse a dishwasher which raised 130 euros and was bought by Fiona Rataj.


We had over 100 items to auction I stopped counting after that!

The community of Condado and the surrounding area’s are second to none when it comes to caring for our cats and kittens! The funds we raise have also enabled me to be able to donate cash to some of the dogs that have also been rescued on Condado recently.

You have been so generous in so many ways and I would like to thank each and everyone of you because without you we would not have the resources to help so many of the animals we have.

What a purrrrfect way to end the day!!!

Another few thank you’s because without these special people in our team who take time out to help me I would not be able to spend so much time preparing the auction for T.N.R…. Neil Jones, Vera van Buuren, Mark Needham & Clare Needham, Rhondda & Gary MacDonald, Janise Collins, Carole Hubbard, Annette Sellers,Barbara Burge, Christine Pearson Hanstveit and Cat Charles these people have given their time and help all free of charge for the love of cats and dogs.

Click here to find out more about Condado Cats & Kittens T.N.R.

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