Is Your Contact Information Up To Date?

Property owners, are your contact details up to date?

Reminder For Owners To Update Their Contact Information With Admiburgos

We would like to remind all owners to take a moment to update their contact details if they have changed or you have not been receiving emails from the community recently.

Since the transfer of Administration in June from Mileniun Levante to Admiburgos, there are still a few hundred or so owners who’s contact details are not on the current mailing list.

The reasons for this is down to lack of data exchanged when the new Admiburgos took over.

Communication with owners is very important, so could property owners please take a moment to provide Admiburgos with their current contact information, including; phone number, mobile number, email address and home location or address.

Remember to provide your Condado de Alhama property number and you may be asked to provide your passport and/or NIE number as proof of identity.

If your email is not recorded you will not receive; meeting minutes, important information about utilities and services, severe weather warnings or messages from your garden President.

You can contact Admiburgos using the information below.

Admiburgos at Condado de Alhama Golf Resort

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