Day: February 26, 2018

Condado Cats and Kittens T.N.RCondado Cats and Kittens T.N.R

Successful Auction Raises Over 1,323 Euros for Condado Cats & Kittens

A message from Caroline Jones; The auction for Condado Cats & Kittens has raised a fantastic amount of 1.323.50 euros!!! The most we have ever raised on one auction!! I have a couple of special thank you’s firstly to Andy Young from Condado Invest who donated so many new items for me to sell which has made […]

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Light frost over over the Alhama Signature golf course

Goodbye Elvis, Jeff and Jan – Monday Mood Boost by Mark Needham

Brrr….last week in February and so cold in the mornings, we even had frost on Saturday morning, nothing like the beast from the east, the sun however has been out all weekend for Elvis ! The festival has been a great success with dates already booked for the event in 2019, it’s been amazing to […]

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