Time to vote! The 2017 Annual General Meeting Approaches

Condado de Alhama 2017 Annual General Meeting

Dates for the 2017 Condado de Alhama Annual General Meetings have been announced by the presidents, the dates are as follows (to be confirmed);

Naranjos 1 and 2 – Saturday 21st January 2017

La Isla – Friday 27th January 2017

Jardines 1 and 2 – Saturday 28th January 2017


It is very important that all owners take an interest in what goes on at the AGM as decisions are voted on that affects everyone – failure to vote means you accept proposals that achieve a three fifths majority including any increase in fees.

If you cannot attend your AGM then you can designate a proxy vote to someone you trust. Be sure to give your vote to someone you know will vote the way you wish, you can give your proxy vote to anyone who is attending the meeting; your garden president, a neighbour, etc.

In the next few weeks Mileniun will send an email confirming the AGM dates and venue along with a form for you to designate a proxy, so now if the time to start thinking about how you will vote.

Check your Junk folders regularly to ensure it doesn’t get missed and contact Mileniun if you think you are not receiving emails from them.

Items to be voted on this year include painting the wooden pergolas, replacing communal lighting and ventilation of basements.

Garden Presidents – Level 3

Everyone should know who their garden president is, these elected persons are your voice in the community and they are the people who should be communicating with each owner about decisions that affect the Resort.

Your president is expected to attend four community meetings each year so you should be hearing from them regularly throughout the year.

If you are not hearing from your president then consider voting for someone else who stands. Or stand yourself if you could do better! Contact Mileniun to put your name forward.

At the moment British owners make up a high percentage of owners yet are under represented by Presidents, especially Level 2 Presidents.

At present Mr Alan Burge is the only native English speaking Level 2 president and your garden president is responsible for voting in Level 2 presidents so it is important that you establish contact with your garden president to be properly represented.

I will try to find names of all Level 1 to 3 Presidents and provide details about them soon.

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